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I was looking for an affordable organic, chemical free wool mattress and I found The Futon Shop's 50% off sale online. I Chose the Tranquility Wool Futon Mattress
Natural and Chemical Free |,Virgin Wool Mattress w/Tempered Steel Springs Soft & Supportive.

I appreciate the great service and the early delivery of my Organic wool mattress. It's very soft yet firm enough for my back's needs. I'm very pleased and I love that no animals were harmed in the manufacturing process regarding the wool.

The whole buying, shipping and receiving process was very easy and I was made to be worry free. I am very satisfied with the Product I got and would recommend The Futon Shop Highly to anyone looking for an affordable, High Quality, Organic mattress or other products.

I looked for options online and found nothing with as good prices. I realize that I scored!

Four layers of luxurious cotton batting sandwiched between sheets of 1.8 lbs/ft³ solid high resilience foam produce an ideal balance of support, comfort and resiliency. The core of the Luxury all Natural Wool Futon Mattress is a sheet of 2 inch 1.8 lbs/ft³ high resilience solid foam. 2 additional sheets of 1 inch 1.8 lbs/ft³ high resilience solid foam are layered between cotton above and below. A fluffy layer of high quality wool is the final layer, which enhances bodily warmth in winter and helps keep you cool in summer.

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Wool Blend Futon Mattress

Wool Wrap Futon Mattress Model Number 613

Buy an innerspring futon mattress if you sleep primarily on the futon and want the closest experience to a traditional bed that a futon can provide. This is a much pricier option, but good if you need additional support. A wool futon mattress is also a pricier but very comfortable option for sofa and sleeping futons.

We are big fans of wool and love that wool is a natural flame retardant. When we turned our home into a vacation rental we left behind our amazing latex bed and amazing wool topper. We purchased this topper to go on top of our way too firm, not nearly as amazing new latex, cotton & wool futon mattress. The topper makes all the difference at a great price point and no smell. Highly recommend.