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California King Waveless Waterbed Mattress 72w x 84L Boyd Lumbar Supreme with a Fill Kit & a 4oz Bottle of Premium Clear Bottle Conditioner


Hardside Waterbed - Semi Waveless Waterbed Mattress

Discovery 5000 King Size 95% Waveless Waterbed Mattress Replacement for Hard Sided Waterbed Frames. Enjoy the ultra firm support of 5 layers of wave inhibitor fiber in our Discovery 5000. Made from 20 mil copper vinyl, this mattress is superior in comfort

This semi-waveless waterbed mattress contains one layer of fiber to reduce motion while still allowing for adjustbility. A 12 year warranty reflects premium quality and workmanship. Includes FREE stand up liner and FREE waterbed conditioner.

Sterling S-Class 9876 100% Waveless Firm Waterbed Mattress

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    Enjoy deep rejuvenating sleep night after night on this Boyd Flotation waveless waterbed mattress. Put an end to tossing and turning caused by uncomfortable pressure points and relax in comfort. The Boyd Flotation Contura Form 3 Waterbed is made of high quality long-lasting virgin vinyl with a precision design and patented 4-layer reinforced corners for extra strength. This waveless waterbed mattress contains four layers of wave reducing fiber, providing approximately 80% motion reduction, while still allowing for a degree of motion and and ability to adjust to your comfort preference. Use in a traditional hardside frame.

    But apparently waterbed technology has progressed with new technology, using "hydraulics", also known as "baffles" and "fiber fill". Basically a flotation foam with polyester filaments are used to stabilize the motion normally produced by a liquid bladder, eliminating the unintended motion-in-the-ocean action. These new claim up to a 98% reduction in waves, while retaining the unique water feature. Has anyone tried these new waveless waterbed mattresses? I'm curious what sort of sleeping experience these hybrids waterbeds provide compared to a spring, memory foam or air mattress.