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California King Waveless Waterbed Mattress 72w x 84L Boyd Lumbar Supreme with a Fill Kit & a 4oz Bottle of Premium Clear Bottle Conditioner


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Why do we sell two qualities of waterbed mattress? It would be nice to think that we only sell the best quality mattresses money can buy but a small percentage of customers are only interested in price comparison and quality is dismissed thinking only for today.

Waterbed mattresses gained a lot of popularity in the seventies when they first made their appearance. People all over the world wanted one for their bedroom. There are different types of waterbed mattresses. Deciding on the pros and cons, you can choose the best one for your house.

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Waterbeds have medical advantages that innerspring mattresses do not afford. Because a standard innerspring mattress is a big source of dust within a home, a waterbed is an ideal solution that provides allergy relief. Waterbed mattresses don't contain mattress stuffing made from cotton and kapok. The subtle movement of the water, free-flowing characteristics and even support of a waterbed may help relieve some of the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. Some waterbeds also have heat systems that warm the water, making them even more appealing for those with arthritis.

As much as we pride ourselves in providing you the best quality and waterbeds, the replacement of waterbed mattresses contained inside them may be required at one point. This could lead to a grand possibility of confusion. In addition to the wide selection of complete hardside and softside waterbeds we offer, we also have a gen...