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I’ve never vacuumed a mattress in my whole life; infact, this is the first time I’ve heard of it. Normally I have an allergy protector on my mattress but haven’t gotten around to purchasing one for this bed (they’re expensive! I don’t like the ones at wal-mart).

But many local fire departments, including South Whatcom Fire Authority, have been using vacuum mattresses for more than a decade on a case-by-case basis. Firefighters in Whatcom County now use backboards mostly just for extrication purposes, such as moving a patient from a car wreck to a vacuum mattress or ambulance cot.

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EMS IMMOBILE-VAC Pediatric/Universal Vacuum Mattress

EMS IMMOBILE-VAC Pediatric/Universal Vacuum Mattress

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The EMS IMMOBILE-VAC Pediatric/Universal Vacuum Mattress is the single most versatile of the EMS IMMOBILE-VAC family of products. It has the same durable and easy to use features as the Full Body Mattress but is designed to adapt to a wider variety of injuries. Similar to wrapping a child in a blanket, the Pediatric/Universal Mattress uses the mattress as the restraints, not thin hook and loop straps. The pliability of the mattress enables the rescuer to maintain an open airway, unlike hard pediatric immobilizers. The styrofoam inner beads act as an insulator to help keep the patient warm. The Pediatric/ Universal Mattress is so cost effective as to make all other pediatric immobilizers obsolete.                                      

Price: $215.76

EVAC-U-SPLINT Pedi and Adult Vacuum Mattresses

Some fire departments around the nation tell their staff to gently lift an injured patient to an ambulance cot, also called a stretcher or gurney, to avoid having to invest in vacuum mattresses, Wayne said.

Early vacuum mattresses for spinal immobilization were developed from vacuum splints that stabilized a broken arm or leg. But they are expensive, costing $400 to $800 for a vacuum mattress vs. $80 for a backboard. Further, backboards were interchangeable and could be shared among various fire agencies in a geographic area. When firefighters left a patient on a backboard at the ER, they just took one from ER storage. But fire and EMS agencies were reluctant to leave an expensive vacuum mattress at a hospital.