essentially rent out used mattresses on a daily basis?

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A: Yes, but reputable used-furniture dealers will usually check mattresses they sell to make sure they do not have any telltale signs of bedbugs, and most individuals will not knowingly sell or donate a used mattress with bedbugs.

More than 15 million mattresses end up in landfills each year. I cannot paint a picture of what that looks like, but it sounds like an enormous amount of unnecessary space taken up, especially because 80 percent of a used mattress can be recycled.

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25 April 2009, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by catty5nutz
I guess that an awful lot of second hand shops and thrift shops must be breaking the law, then.
We had a very clean, practically-new twin mattress that we didn't need any more. None of our friends or family needed it. We drove it to three different thrift stores -- they would not take it. As we were getting ready to leave the last one and head to the transfer station (dump), someone approached us in the parking lot and asked if we were getting rid of it; they happily took it from us.

We were told there are charities that accept and refurbish used mattresses, but not many, and they have plenty of source material.

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KCTV5 did attempt to track down the Echols' used mattress with that yellow tag that listed the Texas Department of Health. Officials there say they have no record of the bed or tag number. It's a mystery still haunting the Raytown couple.

Neither Echols nor her husband have been able to rest easy since discovering the truth about their locally purchased bed. The couple had no clue they were sleeping on a used mattress until a warranty man came to examine some sagging and pointed out a certain yellow tag.