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Signature Sleep Memoir 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Low VOC CertiPUR-US Certified Foam, 8 Inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress - Available in Multiple Sizes


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The older you get, the more difficult it is to regulate your body heat. But luckily for you, the right mattress can step in and help out. “Temperature control is another feature to consider for retired couples (think hot flashes). Our gel-infused memory foam mattress with a cooling cover conforms to your body, regulates your body temperature and provides therapeutic support to prevent aches and pains. What’s more, with a click of a button you can order a Muse mattress online and it'll be delivered to your doorstep in a convenient box within five to seven business days. You can even opt for white-glove service, which includes the set up of your new mattress and the removal and disposal of your old mattress,” says Gabriel Dungan, co-founder, president and CEO of Muse.

“Have to confess, my husband and I are new to the whole 'Bed In A Box' mattress (we had to get our oldest son to explain exactly how it worked LOL). Anyway, we heard from friends who just got a Muse Full mattress for their daughter and said they were so glad they did — their girl loved it, especially how cool she said it was to sleep on. As we live in an older house that can get really hot at times, that was enough for us to go online and check it out, as it was about time for us to get a new mattress for our youngest," wrote an Amazon customer.

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We offer a customisation mattress service to bed manufacturers. We can provide that all-important comfort layer on the top of sprung mattresses in sheet or roll format according to manufacturing needs.

Opposites attract, sure, but that doesn’t always make for a harmonious sleeping arrangement. When you’re on two very different ends of the scale, you might notice dips and hills in your mattress if you don’t get the right one. That won't happen with this product. “The Alcove Plush mattress from BeautyRest’s Black Hybrid line features a braided coil, which is stronger and more durable than competitors in the mattress world. This mattress is one of the most popular Black Hybrid models and provides a medium feel, perfect for supporting different body types," says Kansagra.