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It might be tempting to sit on the edge of your mattress when you are talking to someone or putting on your shoes, but this can actually cause your mattress to start to break down. Unless your two sided mattress is made entirely of foam (as some are), there are structural elements in that mattress that can start to pull apart from one another if your routinely sit on the edge of your mattress, especially if you sit in one particular place on that mattress. If that area is weakened, it can ruin the support system of the entire mattress.

Some owners will use the handheld extension on a carpet cleaner, for example, to try to wash their mattress. Water is the natural enemy of your two sided mattress and is going to do nothing for your two sided mattress care. If your mattress has started to develop a smell, look for better spot cleaning and deodorizing options.

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    Does your actually have anything to do with two sided mattress care? The truth is that your bedframe is vitally important to the life of your mattress. A terrible frame will put extra stress on your mattress while a great frame will not only make your mattress more comfortable, it will protect it from wear and tear. You need a strong frame that will actually easily hold the weight of both the mattress and the occupants of that mattress, and that is supportive enough to prevent bowing in the center of the mattress.

    You might have two sides of the mattress to use, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect the side you are currently using from dust, spills, bed bugs, mold, and mildew. There are lots of things that might happen to the top side of your mattress and when you use a mattress protector, it is sure to be as safe as it will possibly be. It is especially important to use a protector if your two sided mattress includes any foam or latex, both of which will be easier to break down and damage if they get wet repeatedly.