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Waterbed Tubes- Waveless Softside fluid bed replacement tube 71in length


Waterbed mattresses for wood frame waterbeds

There are several types of waterbed frames: hardside waterbeds, soft side waterbeds, and tube water mattresses. But regardless of what type of waterbed you might be interested in, they all offer the same benefits that have helped to make sleeping on water a more and more popular choice.

The other common type of waterbed is the tube water mattress. These are technically not water beds, as tube water mattresses are thinner than actual water beds, and are meant to be laid on top of a foam or spring mattress. The thinner water layer means that these tube water mattresses are much lighter than either soft side or hard side waterbeds. However, this also means that some of the benefits of sleeping on a waterbed is lost, sort of defeating the purpose.

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    Free flow waterbed tubes fit inside a 4" shallow fill softside waterbed mattress. A tube filled waterbed mattress allows you to independently adjust the level of support, from plush to firm, of each s...
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