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AirBedz Lite (PPI PV202C) Full Size Short and Long 6'-8' Truck Bed Air Mattress with DC Corded Pump (76"x63"x12" Inflated)


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If you are looking for comfort and affordability in your mattress choose from our Overnight Road Deluxe with a heavy duty nylon cover or the basic Layover with a removable, washable fabric cover. Both these economical truck mattresses are dual sided with medium density foam.

Our basic long haul mattress, the Layover is a dual sided economical truck mattress. Durable, washable cover,the solid foam technology allows this truck mattress to be flipped to use either side as the top for extended years of use. With 5 inches of medium density foam, this mattress can be used virtually anywhere while providing a comfortable night’s sleep.

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  • Twin Size 3 Inch Firm Conventional Polyurethane Foam RV/Truck Mattress Bed Cushion USA Made
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      Whether you're shopping for a , a , a Volvo Truck Mattress, RV Mattress, Camp Mattress, or a memory foam luxury mattress, we offer a variety of widths, lengths and comfort levels. Choose from four different thickness levels - our basic 4" thick model (a popular choice for a truck's top bunk), 5.5", 6.5", on up to our most luxurious 8" luxury deluxe model which includes a 3" memory foam topper and a removable/washable cashmere blend cover.All are made in the USA.

      We manufacture a truck mattress that meets the needs of the user … not the middle man. And with a mattress this tough, it will feel like a new mattress ten years from now.