Baby Elegance eco travel cot mattress

Regalo My Cot Portable Bed, Royal Blue


Kidtex Folding Travel Cot Mattress

Whether in holidays, at a visit at grandma and grandpa or for the picnic in the garden – the travel cot mattress is the ideal companion. The Alvi travel cot mattress is easily and quickly fold-out and provides a cozy and comfortable place to sleep, on the go.

Yep that's the travel cot mattress. A decent one will have a bit if padding to it but not much. Sounds like a good idea to use the bigger cot though.

A 'Precious' travel cot mattress

Some travel cots come with mattresses, others don't, but even if a mattress is supplied, you might want to consider buying an additional foam travel cot mattress for extra comfort when you're away from home. Be sure to check you have the correct mattress size for your travel cot, as these tend to vary. Browse our Kiddicare and Baby Elegance travel cot mattresses right here.

Kidtex Foam Travel Cot Mattress

That material covered board you're talking about is the mattress. Travel cot mattresses are hard and thin, otherwise they wouldn't be very travel-able! It's a board, padded and covered, then you wrap it around the cot. That's the mattress.

I am delighted with the Kidex foam folding travel cot mattress its what i wanted in all respects, also the service i received from your good self was second to none.