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Choosing A Thermarest Air Mattress - The Camping Family

A Thermarest mattress is a type of camping mattress pad. The different versions of the mattress all have slightly different storage needs. To store the mattress properly, it is important to clean and dry it first to prevent deterioration. Once the mattress is clean, it is a simple process to store it in one of several different ways. Storing the mattress properly will extend its life.

Use a foam mattress or blankets as insulation under your sleeping bag. Thermarest mattresses work but the $20 / $30 6 inch type air mattresses don’t provide much insulation, because the air inside circulates too much. Dead air space is a great insulator but it has to be dead (i.e. not circulate).

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    Thermarest Mattress Pad rentals in Richmond, VA. Their Thermarest pads are just the solution to keep the bumps out of your back and the chills off your spine. LowerGear offers backpacking accessories and camping supplies that are required for a comfortable and successful camping. There is more to a camping trip than just backpack, tents, sleeping bags and such. They offer the entire spectrum of gear you need for a pleasant backpacking or camping trip in Richmond, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Arlington, Newport News, Hampton, Alexandria and all of Virginia

    This is feature is cool, but the list continues. Because you can depend on the sleeping bag remaining in one place, it’s possible to eliminate a lot of the down insulation and, yes, weight, under your body. In fact, there is no insulation under your body. This is possible thanks to the attributes of the second part of the program, the Thermarest NeoAir mattress. As well as the sheer comfort of this mattress, it includes a funky triangular foil technology that allows it to kick you natural body heat back up at you. In other words, you really don’t need any insulation below you. I went to a trade show a couple years back and the Thermarest booth had this crazy display. There was a NeoAir mattress placed on a cold rock slab (like, refrigerated cold) and people were invited to lie on the mattress. I did and I was amazed at how the mattress was warm, not cold, after lying on it for 60 seconds.