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Sheraton Garden Grove - Anaheim South Hotel: "Sweet Sleeper"

My wife and I spent the night in a Sheraton this past weekend. I had the best night’s sleep I've had in years. It was a sweet sleeper mattress. I saw on a posting at your site that was dated Nov 28, 2010 that this mattress was the same as a Sealy Posturepedic, Preferred Series, Level 5, in plush. You stated that the Sealy Posturepedic Reserve Series Level 9 offered the best value and would last long and perform better. I can’t find this mattress on your site. I’m assuming that since the response you posted is 4 years old that there is a different model #. Can you provide me with the most updated information regarding the Sweet Sleeper or its Sealy counterpart.

I am sitting on a Sheraton Sweet Sleeper mattress as I write this. The front desk doesn't have a clue. The label says Simmons Beautyrest, Euro Top with "EverNu" ... from the "Hospitality Collection". This is the rebranded name. Hospitality Collection.

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