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Stokke Sleepi Mattress


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are not only designed to allow the baby to relax, but they also provide a safe environment for children. The mattresses are made from coconut elements and abstracts. They are non-toxic and chemical-free because most contain only organic cotton and foam. Other are filled with coconut husks or coir. Stokke mattresses are also ventilated and hand-made. All the mattresses have a comfortable cover so the baby can sleep contentedly. The interior and exterior of the Stokke crib mattresses provide maximum allergy prevention for growing infants and toddlers.

Stokke mattresses are intended for the cautious parent, and are developed with materials that offer safety features and characteristics. Unlike other mattresses, Stokke crib mattresses focus on the baby's comfort as well as a healthful environment.

Stokke® Sleepi bed the baby crib that grows with your child

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    After the early months of their lives, most children play anywhere they can get the chance. The Stokke crib mattresses are delightful for naps and long periods of rest, but they are also comfortable for children to play on. In addition, growing babies often stand up in their cribs before they have much balance. The firm and durable mattress is soft and provides a safe falling surface for children. The depth of the mattress provides safety, and is not too hard for infants or toddlers.

    The Stokke crib mattress is distributed by a family-run business established in 1932. Ergonomics and functionality inspire a variety of unique products designed to keep babies healthy. The popularity of these mattresses attracts families who believe in taking precautions and relying on natural comfort. The mattress was developed over time with the demand for organic ergonomics.