There are no standard mattress depths.

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Standard Mattress Sizes - A Guide to Bed Mattress Dimensions

A guide to standard mattress sizes can be helpful as it can often be difficult to decide on the best size. Much goes into the choice of a new mattress. There are so many styles and materials available andmattress dimensions run from cradle to king size.

Starting with the tiniest of the standard mattress sizes, cradlemattresses are often necessary when new parents "inherit" cradles thatdon't have mattresses and therefore leave the cradle unused, eventhough the gentle rocking motion is calming to new babies.

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    There are also twin beds that are extra long (designated as XL twin). Thesestandard mattress sizes are most common in college dorm rooms wherespace is at a premium but the sleepers are taller than young children.

    Full or "double" sized mattresses work well for people who are 5 feet, 9inches tall (175 cm) tall and under. These mattresses can fit twopeople of average weight. Larger people may want to consider largerstandard mattress sizes for the added width they include. Often used inguest rooms or smaller spaces, Full (double) mattresses are 54 x 75inches (137 x 191 cm) in size.