5 reasons why I really, really, REALLY love my springless mattress

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With on-line mattress sales predicted to increase by more than 30 percent over the next five years, Wispere’s springless cool mattress will hit the right spot and at present retails between £359 and £699 which is equivalent to rivals selling mattresses for £1400 to £3500 in terms of quality.
The Wispere mattress is ready to deliver and the company expect the demand to increase throughout 2016. Wispere was founded in 2015 and operates in Clifton, Bristol.

I have a futon bed that I got when I started university because it was cheaper than a boxspring and traditional mattress and I absolutely LOVE IT. We got a thick memory foam topper for it and it is like sleeping on fluffy clouds! Everyone who has visited me and slept in it is amazed at the comfort and softness. I'd definitely say as others have the lack of squeakyness during certain activities is a huge plus. One of my favorite features, because sometimes I'm really excited about sleeping, is being able to jump onto the bed and just be absorbed in snugglyness instead of making a loud crashing sound landing on a spring mattress.
While mine is quite thick because it's a futon, it can't roll up, but it's easy to transport (I moved every year for 4years in university) and I have the wooden slat bed frame which is much easier than a real bed frame. Now that I've been living with my boyfriend, my beloved springless is in storage and we've been sleeping on his mattress, it's definitely squeaky and a bit poke-y and makes me even more appreciate my bed.

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Cheap without the use of springs all & eco-friendly, featuring springless mattresses.
This is the new standard model to represent the "magniflex" series.

"Erioform" of the core material is the world patents to demonstrate the resilience and elasticity suitable mattress high density construction material.
Subduction only, fits the curve of the spine and hip and will comfortably sleep posture perfect support.

Also, in the open-cell structure of a free "murenae" comfort of knowing!
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And looks very classy, comfortably more than the comfortable "magniflex".

Steel w/o mattress spring, do not use.
Also,Vacuum pack compressed immediately after production at the factory, so contamination during transportation or storage, or without bacteria delivered to health will be.

Can be vacuum packed and you can easily carry your compact packaging size.

* Open from vinyl and the original compressed, rounding is not possible.

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The new online mattress e-tailor Wispere has one cool springless mattress which gives the perfect sleep solution for everybody. Wispere’s co-founder Jamie Hancock said “After many years of supplying mattresses through exhibitions and seeing technology improve, we saw the one-mattress in a box opportunity and decided to move our business online.”

IS the foam/springless mattress hot? I've heard from various people that certain name brand foam mattress tend to get really hot, so i've always avoided them.
It's already 97 degrees where i live, and at night it only goes down to about 75-80. Since we don't have anything other than fans to keep us cool, we need a bed that will stay cool.
Second question: how does the thinner mattress work with sheets? Do standard size fitted sheets fit, or are they too big- slipping and sliding all over?