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In addition to customizable mattresses, split sets often come with adjustable bases that allow each sleeper to control the movement on their side. Overall, split mattress sets are great for partner sleep. Furthermore, having two distinct mattresses makes moving the beds easier as they are both lighter and more readily maneuvered through narrow hallways. Split foundations may also be purchased with a traditional mattress to allow for easier delivery into houses with tight stairwells, as foundations are not bendable.

What Amore is selling is a hybrid foam-coil mattress in soft, medium and firm, as well as a split mattress option with different firmness levels on each side. Summerville said he likes a firmer mattress while his wife, Heather, prefers something softer, and that most couples have different sleep preferences.

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Split mattress sets are made up of two mattresses and two separate box-springs or one mattress with two foundations. They are available as queen and king options, with the length and width of the two mattresses combined determining the size. The major benefit of split mattress sets is that two people can share a bed without sharing a mattress. Therefore, the firmness and mattress composition of either bed can be customized to the individual. In addition, most king size mattresses when paired with an adjustable or lifestyle base are twin extra long in size. That is, two twin XL mattresses are the same width and length as a standard king.

This recall involves all models and sizes of Nipponflex Smart Care, Smart Care split, Smart Flex and Smart Flex split mattresses. The mattresses are white in color and have an electric massage function controlled by a remote. The split mattresses consist of two single mattresses side by side to form a queen or king size mattress. "Nipponflex" and "SMART FLEX" or "SMART CARE" are printed on the label on a side of the mattress.