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Leggett - Platt Air Dream Queen Sleeper Sofa Mattress

This thin, unsupportive, lumpy sleeper sofa mattress is made even less comfortable by a flimsy and uneven support subassembly. Typical support subassemblies include a wire mesh slung across an open frame (or a spring-supported polymer weave called a trampoline) and hinge bars extending just below the wire mesh or trampoline. As most who have slept on a conventional sleeper sofa know, they are uncomfortable because the user feels a thin, lumpy flaccid mattress poorly supported on a wire mesh that is draped over several hinge bars and a metal mattress support structure, all of which are felt through the mattress.

As one skilled in the art knows, conventional prior art sleeper sofas open up lengthwise so that the user sleeps perpendicular to back 12 of sofa 10. One version of the applicants' invention (not shown) is a "sideways sleeper," in which the user lays parallel to back 12. Accordingly, sofa 10 is slightly wider than a conventional sleeper sofa and mattress frame 58 is shorter when in the sleeping position. For a queen size mattress, the presently preferred sideways sleeper in the sleeping position has dimensions of about sixty inches from back 12 to footboard 22 and about eighty inches in the direction along the length of sofa 10. A primary advantage of the sideways version is easier manual operation and a smaller probability of a problem arising in the folding mechanism during the shorter travel of mattress frame 58 between the seating and sleeping positions. B. The Serpentine Embodiments 1. First Version The second embodiment of the sleeper assembly 35 is the serpentine embodiment. The first version of serpentine embodiments comprises a solid panel 33 and two groups of slats, distal group 27 and proximal group 29, with groups 27 and 29 pivotally connected to opposed ends of panel 33. The slats in each of groups 27 and 29 are also pivotally connected to each other and oriented perpendicularly to groups 60, 62, 64, and 66 of braces and parallel to footboard 22. When sleeper assembly 35 is in the seating position as shown in FIG. 5, panel 33 is disposed below 19

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  • Q:

    "When deflated does the mattress fold up into the sofa or does it have to be stored elsewhere?"

    • A:

      Hello Sylvia L., this mattress can be safely folded and stored in a sofa bed. Please feel free to contact us again with any further questions. Thank you for shopping with us!

    • A:

      I use this on my full size hide-a-bed in my motorhome. It filled up all available room when folded, but it is easy to close and does not cause the couch cushions to bulge.

    • A:

      We have 2 options - return the mattress or store it somewhere else. Does NOT fit into our queen sleeper sofa mattress.

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    Sleeping on a pull-out bed doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Manufacturers produce sleeper sofa mattresses that are comparable to those purchased for traditional bedroom sets. Innerspring mattresses are a common choice to provide back support, while memory foam mattresses have thick layers of plush foam for maximum softness. Inflatable airbeds are also popular because of their easy storage. For the best of both worlds, try an air-coil hybrid mattress that offers a traditional innerspring model topped with an airbed. Foam toppers or other comfort-enhancing options exist for most mattress types.

    Having trouble in choosing the right sofa mattress? Check out our “”, which we created especially to help you make an informed decision. Don’t know if the Gold or Platinum sleeper sofa mattress would best satisfy your needs? If the sofa bed will be used frequently and/or by heavier weight sleepers, then the Platinum hide a bed mattress would be the best choice.