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Thank you so much for contacting us with your concerns. One thing you may notice about your Sleep Options mattress is that they typically have an mild odor or residual scent, distinct to the product when new. This is sometimes heightened when delivered during cold weather. The synthetic scent on most new vacuum packed mattresses seems to be pretty standard for all the various brands and styles of foam mattresses.
Some consumers are simply very attuned and sensitive to odor – any odor – and we understand it might be irritating to some. It is in no way harmful or unhealthy. It will quickly dissipate as the mattress is used and “massaged” during daily usage, which allows the open cells to expel the “processing” air and take in new air – making the odor disappear.

I’m waiting for my memory foam 11″ ovations sleep options mattress. My concern is that I sleep hot and have heard that foam mattresses can be warm. Any feedback would be helpful.

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  • Ms Lee

    I don’t have any questions, but actually a comment. I just purchased a Seep Options 11″ memory foam mattress and I must let it be known that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I was suffering from constant neck & back problems not to mention strains & pains and decided enough was enough; it was time to get another bed. Actually, it’s an investment, YES, I said investment….because its for my body and health. What better reason than for that. I’ve only had it for a week, and its been the best sleep that I’ve had in YEARS!!! (this kinda tells u how long I had my previous bed…haha) I have been waking up with no aches, pains or neck & back problems – – Yaay!. I am sooo happy with this mattress, it was well worth the $$; which was very reasonable compared to some of the others. (names not needed, but hey somebody has to pay for their advertisements). I tried both the memory foam and latex. Both were comfortable, but as we all know, everyone is different, so the memory foam was it for me! I loved the way, I kinda sinked into its plushness while the latex was a bit firm for my taste. Sinking into its plushness every night has given me the sleep that I’ve been missing for a while. I’m one very happy customer!

    • Sleep Options Mattress

      Ms. Lee, We are so happy that you are enjoying your new mattress! It really makes our day to hear that our customers are happy and getting the quality sleep that they deserve! We would love to stay connected with you so that you may learn about special deals we have going on with our products in the future and enjoy our posts about healthy sleep. Feel free to become our friend on Facebook or Twitter.

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    I just received my Sleep Options mattress last week. Although this is the best sleep I ever had, the mattress has a very peculiar smell (sort of chemical). I went back to the Sleepys showroom and complained and was told that this is normal and that the smell would go away over a short time. I have read all of the above reviews but noted that the subject of a strange smell has never come up. I am very concerned about whether this is some sort of chemical that can hurt me.

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