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Single size air mattresses are used largely as camping equipment or guest accommodation. They are designed to provide quilting and cushioning between the person and the floor or surface that the mattress is laid upon. They have become popular in the camping and tourism market because their air chambers provide a flexible barrier between the uneven and often rocky terrain that campers experience. In their use as extra sleeping space for guests, they are a great alternative to folding beds because they are a lot cheaper and are easier to store. Durability is a key factor in air mattresses because of their constant use and movement. Campers will want the most durable mattress possible with the transport and use on sharp and uneven terrain. Single size mattresses are designed for use by couples but are often adopted by singles who want a little extra room. They can sleep two people but all air bed mattresses are slightly smaller than their real bed counterparts, so couples might be more comfortable with a double size mattress if space isn’t an issue. Single size mattresses are somewhere between a single bed and a double bed, making them great for people who want that little more room.

The size of an air mattress is likely going to be the pendulum that swings a lot of people’s decisions. The four key measurements to consider are length, width, depth and stored size. Air mattresses are normally a little smaller than their domestic versions, so if in doubt of which size to go for it might be worth going for a little larger. Length is particularly important for the taller people. Making sure that the air bed is long enough for the whole body to fit onto is essential for ensuring comfort and safety. If the entire body isn’t protected by the cushioning of the mattress, then there are risks of aching and curved joints over a long period of time, not to mention impact from the ground; especially when camping on uneven terrain. The width of the air mattress will define whether it can be shared with another person. Single sized air mattresses provide a fantastic compact way to sleep two people, or offer the extra comfort and space for a restless sleeper. Both width and height are very important when taking an air mattress camping, as they will need to fit in the tent comfortably. If possible, a good space should be left either side of the mattress to avoid it becoming damp through contact with the tent skin. The depth of the mattress will largely determine the comfort and protection that can be gleaned from a night’s sleep. Deeper mattresses with larger air chambers will naturally absorb the bumps of uneven terrain, while shallow mattresses may not be able to prevent the sleeper’s contact with the ground. Stored size is worth taking into consideration for both camping and home use. Campers will want to know that a deflated and rolled up airbag will be able to fit into the luggage, while for home use it should be possible to place it away conveniently. Learning the correct way of rolling and storing a deflated mattress is paramount to achieving the smallest storage capacity.

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The Best Air Mattress Reviews Of 2017: Top 10 Comparison

Air beds and air mattresses are a very simple and efficient way to provide more sleeping space. Whether unexpected company at home calls for more space or a family camping trip requires a little extra comfort, air mattresses are likely going to be the answer. Whilst it may seem like a relatively simple task to go and pick up an air mattress from the shop, there are a lot of things to consider when comparing different brands and products. From personal preferences like colour and style to the medical and ergonomic aims they need to meet, choosing the right durable single size air mattress is a matter which should be researched.

Durable Single Size Air Mattresses can be integral to finding a good night’s sleep in an unexpected or unfamiliar location. Using the right materials, knowing how to inflate it and which size is needed will all be deciding factors on the comfort of the experience. Campers have sworn by air mattresses for years as a more luxurious alternative to sleeping mats ,and air mattresses are beginning to find their way into spare bedrooms as a more practical replacements to heavy and larger fold-down beds.