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Having had 3 kids in 3 1/2 years we own 3 different crib size mattresses. Our youngest sleeps on the Simmons Super Maxipedic Mattress.

The Basics
The Simmons Super Maxipedic Mattress fits all standard crib and toddler bed frames. It is 6" deep, 27 1/4" wide and 51 3/4" long. It has 160 firm coils with foam overlay for comfort. The mattress cover resists stains and rips and it comes with a 35 year warranty.

Selecting a Mattress
When our oldest was born my husband and I selected a middle of the road mattress for her to sleep on. It is 5 years old and still in good shape. With our second, we decided to go with the least expensive coil mattress we could find, figuring it shouldn't really make much of a difference. After only three years, you can feel each coil, and the seams are splitting. Having learned out lesson we opted for a high quality mattress for our son, selecting the Simmons Super Maxipedic Mattress at Babies R Us since it was one of the few in stock.

Our Experience
The first thing I noticed about this mattress was how square the corners were compared to our other two mattresses. This provided a nice tight fit in out crib reducing the chance of baby getting wedged between the crib and the mattress; it also provided fewer places for toys to hide. The mattress is nice and firm, which is important for babies, while still providing a seemingly comfortable place to sleep. No matter where I push I cannot feel the individual coils.

The Simmons Super Maxipedic Mattress is the heaviest of the three toddler mattress we own. Still I have no problem picking it up on end to make changing the pad or sheet easier. The new pad and old sheets we had fit perfectly and the mattress is firm enough to resist bending upward from tight sheets. The fitted elastic on all of our sheets sit under the mattress to ensure they stay put no matter how active our son is at night.

Any accidents that have made it down the mattress have been easy to clean up. Since everything stays on the surface you don't have to worry about smells seeping into the mattress.

Our son is far more active that our daughters ever were so he often spends 15 or 20 minutes happily jumping in his crib before we get him up in the morning. The mattress still looks as good as the day we bought it. There has been no splitting at the seams and no sagging despite its use as a trampoline.

Final Thoughts
This was an expensive mattress, but it will certainly last until our son through his days in the crib and transition to a toddler bed.

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