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Sealy pillow top mattresses are one of four comfort levels available in the Posturepedic collection. The Sealy pillow top uses the Euro style, which keeps the edges of the pillow top secured down along the sides of the mattress. The mattress features a multi-zone pressure-relief system developed with the help of orthopedic surgeons.

This is the most uncomfortable mattress ever! We first purchased this mattress about eight years ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter. The mattress we had been using was a hand-me-down from my aunt that was about 20 years old. I was super uncomfortable being six months pregnant so we decided to go out and purchase a new mattress. We were due for one anyway. Let me tell you that this mattress did not make my night any better. I was still uncomfortable, but I attributed that to the fact that I was pregnant. But months later, I was still uncomfortable. Now eight years after owning this Sealy Posturepedic Pillow Top Mattress, it is actually excruciating to sleep in this bed all night. I usually spend my nights on the couch. The only time I sleep in the bed is when the baby is cranky and needs to sleep with me because the bed provides more space than the couch does. I will never buy a pillow top mattress again. They cannot be flipped and rotated the same as a traditional mattress. Thus, the bed wears out more quickly because the weight cannot be evenly distributed by flipping. The springs all wear out in the same area. There is a dip in the middle of the bed that you are always pulled into. Mind you, my husband and I are not large people. The bed should not wear out this quickly. I would not suggest this mattress or any pillow top mattress for that matter.

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    Sealy pillow top mattresses provide whole-body support and alleviate stress on the body's pressure points, according to Mattress One. These mattresses also promote comfortable sleep with minimal tossing and turning.

    My husband and I bought this mattress years ago when we were in need of a new mattress. My husband always does his research before buying anything and this Sealy Posturepedic Pillow Top Mattress got great reviews. I will say buying this mattress was money well spent. It's very comfortable and soft while at the same time being firm. It's just soft enough to be really comfortable like sleeping on a cloud but firm enough that you feel supported. I notice when we travel away from home we always can't wait to be back home and in our own super comfortable bed. My husband has a bad back and this mattress has always been very comfortable even for him. One thing about this mattress is you have to buy sheets that are deeper. Regular sized sheets don't really fit this mattress because of the extra padding from the pillow top. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone looking for a long lasting comfortable mattress that is firm enough to support you but also soft enough to feel like you are sleeping on clouds.

    Very comfortable, it's soft but also at the same time firm enough for support.

    While it has the soft pillow top it still has great support. My husband has a bad back and needs the extra support and this mattress has worked very well for him.

    Has a nice amount of firmness without compromising the softness needed for a good nights sleep.

    It has lasted us many years and withstood several moves.