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The primary reason for the large price difference between the Sealy Brand and Sealy Embody mattresses is the thickness and density of the foam. The density of the memory foam is measured in pounds per square foot, so 5-pound foam has a density of five pounds per square foot. The density of memory foam ranges from 2.5 pounds to 7 pounds.

Notice: While the Sealy Embody mattress may still be available, it has been replaced in the Sealy mattress lineup by the Sealy Optimum

Sizes offered in Twin, Full, King, Queen and more

  • 4. Parts of Sealy Embody latex mattress – Body Climate Polartec fabric - Keeps body cool and surface dry – Smart Latex – Provides comfort, pressure relief, is anti-microbial and dust mite resistant, is resilient – Interlock System – Aims to make the mattress last longer and reduce body impressions – Back support system – Supports your back – Boxspring foundation – Sits underneath mattress, reduces wear
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    It creates uniform support to provide better alignment for your back and neck. A memory foam surface feels quite different from a mattress with inner springs. A Sealy Embody mattress uses a thicker, higher quality and more expensive type of foam in this layer which should make it last much longer than the entry level Sealy Brand Comfort Series.

    According to Sealy the Embody Latex Mattress feels very similar to an innerspring mattress and gives the impression that you are sleeping “ON the mattress”. The Embody Memory Foam Mattress feels very different from an innerspring, and it gives the impression that you are sleeping “IN the mattress” (likely because memory foam lets you sink into the mattress and it conforms to the body).