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It’s the slat base you have! You have to change to an ensemble base and your saggy mattress problems will be over. I promise! slats cause you to roll into the middle whereas ensemble bases support the entire mattress evenly.

All mattress seem to sag in the middle. Sales person at the store said that is normal, it’s called nesting. I have terrible pain on both sides of my hips every morning. My chiropractor said my pelvis was out of alignment. After his adjustment I felt great. Then as soon as I slept on the saggy mattress the pain came back the next morning. For the last two nights I have put a large flat king size pillow under my pelvic area. What do you know!! The next morning I woke up with no hip pain. That proves that the mattress is the problem. Why can’t they make comfortable beds that do not sag anymore. It seems to be a problem for the majority of people. Consumers should have to buy extra products such as mattress toppers on a brand new mattress. What is going on??

Saggy Mattress? Get a Sag-Proof one

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    I used foam – the egg carton type with the bumps on it. Like everyone on this site, I too have been plagued with ‘saggy mattress.’ I think, thanks to this website and a new slat-base system, my problem has been solved. I am set to take my $200 mattress topper back to Costco next week!