This mattress pad helps, but doesn’t fix the sagging mattress problem

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The best solution for a sagging mattress is with a mattress bladder. It can be difficult to search, but it is not too expensive. A bladder connects to hose and a hand pump, and it allows to adjust the level beneath the sagging area of the mattress. This method works very well, but isn’t a good option for heavy people. When people used for children, one can easily readjust the bladder as often as it is used in a bed.
If you have money to buy a new mattress, that is also a good option. However, one needs to level out an old mattress and make it comfortable.

I have been dealing with a sagging foam mattress for over a year. I spend hundreds on a latex topper to no avail. I tried the pillows but was too bulky. I then placed two yoga mats on top of each other and so far so good. Thanks for sharing

No Sags – Sagging Mattress Fix!

Why suffer on a sagging mattress

There are several ways to fix a sagging mattress depending on the source of the problem, including replacing the box frame, supporting the mattress with blankets, and getting it replaced by its . In some cases, the box frame is so damaged that it cannot properly hold up the mattress anymore, in which case it needs replacement. Sometimes the mattress itself is broken, but it can be padded using blankets until you can comfortably afford to buy a new mattress. In addition, if you still have your proof of purchase, your mattress might qualify for replacement under its original warranty, so contact the manufacturer to inquire.

Sometimes a sagging mattress is caused by the supportive box spring that holds it up. Check the box spring for broken, rotting, or warped boards. The box spring can develop a problem over time and not be noticed until there is an obvious problem with the mattress’s comfort. For example, an excessive amount of moisture can accumulate because of a leak, thereby slowly rotting the boards of the box spring. You can fix this problem by sealing any leaks, purchasing an entirely new box spring, or at least replacing the damaged boards.