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Roma Natural Latex Mattress - 6" Natural Dunlop Latex - 9" Finished Height - 2 in1 Comfort Technology (Queen)


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Thanks, Cara!
I am really a bit confused, you said its an organic cover but description says that its cotton poly blend.
from amazon:
“Is the cover removable? what fabric is the cover?
The Roma latex mattress has an 60/40 cotton to polyester stretch cover quilted to 1.5 inches of super soft reflex foam. Cover is not removable. Mattress is quilted on both sides with a medium plush side and a firm side. Thank you for your inquiry and we look forward to serving you.”

I recently decided to replace my old memory foam mattress with something new and comfortable. During my online search for quality and affordable mattresses, I stumbled upon this website and saw a review posted by the editor. I had already gathered from other sources the affordable aspect, but this website just confirmed the quality part of what I was looking for. I immediately ordered the Roma natural latex mattress. After waiting for a couple of days I finally received the mattress. I had also read online reports regarding mattresses that have unpleasant odors on the first few days. So, the first thing I did upon unpacking the mattress was to smell it and I was pleasantly surprised with what I discovered; it did not have any strong or bad smell. The guys from UPS helped me set up the mattress and then left. Right now I have slept on the mattress for at least 4 weeks and I have not experienced any problems. In contrast to my old memory foam mattress, this one was quickly recovered when I moved on the bed leaving no body-impressions. Furthermore, the support provided by the latex layer is way better than that which I was experiencing on my old mattress. Despite the many positives, like any other mattress, it also has some flaws. One of which is the fact that it is too heavy to move around. The second is that the mattress is not made up of 100 percent latex, it contains different types of foam. Apart from these two issues, the product is a great buy.

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    I got this mattress yesterday and I was so excited. It was compressed in a box that could easily fit into the trunk of a sedan. The mattress weighed about 100 pounds and so I had to get someone to help me take it upstairs. Unpacking this mattress was quite easy. All I did was simply to cut through several layers of tape. The mattress had almost no new-mattress odor. The moment I laid down on this bed I felt as if I was in Heaven. I found the Roma Natural latex to be more supportive and more comfortable than the spring mattress I had been using. Though a bit colder than the memory foam mattress, I was impressed by the cradling comfort it provided. The new Roma latex mattress also allowed me to turn and move easily across the bed. These features plus the fact that the mattress comes at a relatively affordable price of 700 dollars has made it my favorite mattress brand. The fact that you can also flip the mattress and use its underside greatly enhances the value of this product. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality and affordable mattress.

    In case of the price, you will not really break the bank, so to speak, when you purchase this item. Compared to other mattresses, this Sleep EZ product is reasonably priced. And when you consider that you are basically getting two beds in one item, then you can say that the Roma Natural Latex mattress is a very practical buy.