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There are three different layers of foam in a Restonic memory foam mattress. The lowest layer is approximately six inches of high density foam.

Restonic is one of few mattress manufacturers that are able to promote themselves in a very unique way that attracts forefront attention. They are highly innovative as evident from their line of Sleep Odyssey and Air mattresses. However, their Restonic Memory Foam Mattress has been innovative with a technology called “phase change.”

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The only way to determine if this bed is for you is to actually spend some time sleeping on it. Unfortunately, most places will not let you sleep on the bed for a full night to determine if the bed is right for you. In our tests, you need to lay on there for about 15-20 minutes if to determine if the bed will be a good fit for you. In your search for your Restonic memory foam mattress, spend a great deal of time to determine the level of support for your body.

Restonic Healthrest Memory Foam

Memory foam is one of the newest advancements in technology for the sleep world. Most memory foam mattresses feature a removable cover, as does the HealthRest Memory Foam mattress from Restonic. The manufacturer's website indicates that the memory foam reacts to your body's temperature. Typically this would indicate a 5.0 – 5.5lb memory foam grade. Many memory foam mattress manufacturers use a 5.3lb memory foam. Some of the unique features of the Restonic HealthRest model are what they call the Outlast technology. Supposedly, the Outlast material absorbs excess heat rather than trapping it against your body. Restonic did not indicate on their website if the memory foam was placed on a spring base or foam base.

One of the most difficult feelings to describe when referring to a bed is the way memory foam feels when you sleep. Yes, it is a fact that ANY pure foam surface will hold heat more than a loose-fill or sheet-type batting, its simply physics. With that said, the cover material, any ventilation used, and several other factors play into the actual level of heat you will feel on a mattress. The tough part about describing how memory foam feels is the fact that memory foam itself provides little support. The main purpose of memory foam is to evenly distribute your body weight. This means that the broadest areas of your body should feel pressure similar to the lightest parts of your body.

With the little information provided for the Restonic HealthRest memory foam mattress, we would estimate that it is a firm mattress. The initial feel of the mattress, if the memory foam density is 5.0 – 5.5lbs, should be slightly firmer than the overall feel. See your retailer for details on the sleep trial, warranty, and pricing information.