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. Sleep deeper, cooler and more soundly with a Soft-Tex Memory deluxe Queen mattress topper -- a great way to increase the comfort of your own mattress or extend the life of an older one in your home or camper.

A few words about Queen size mattress toppers- They have a dimension of 60×80 inches (lxb) and are the third largest size available in market for purchase. They are bigger than a full size one by 3 inches on all sides. Two adults can comfortably sleep on them. They are the most preferred mattress topper size by couples. They are available in thickness starting from 2 to 5 inches. The comfort and support you expect from your memory foam mattress topper depends a lot on its thickness and density, it has nothing to do with its size. A thicker topper is usually more comfy and one with higher density offer more body support. Keep in mind that density and thickness have nothing to do with the softness/firmness of memory foam, as high density memory foam can be used to make a soft topper and vice versa.

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  • Queen mattress topper measures 57 inches wide x 77 inches long x 3 inches thick
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