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Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress - Firm - Queen


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All of our latex beds are built using the same pure, premium white latex rubber. Each mattress we build starts with out 6" thick Dunlop latex base layer, which is made using a unique technology to convert raw liquid latex into a solid, highly elastic "core". This technology uses a method that whips the liquid latex and injects small bubbles of air, to create a milkshake like "froth", which solidifies and the end result is a pure latex mattress that is less prone to bottoming out. to view our third party and manufacturers certification documents confirming our use of strictly 100% pure latex in all of our products.

Creating the perfect mattress takes years, even decades, and after twenty two years of industry experience, we are still improving our proprietary recipe. That's why the length of time a mattress company has been in business is one of the most important things you should consider when shopping for the perfect Pure Latex Mattress.

Latex Mattresses: The Essential Guide and Unbiased Reviews

All Latex-pedic Mattresses:

  • Use the Talalay Process

  • Hand-Made: One at a Time

  • Completely Reversible

  • 20-Year Written Warranty

  • Quilted Both Sides

  • Handles

  • Come in your choice of (4) Four Different Firmnesses:

    Soft (28 ILD), Regular Firm (32 ILD), Extra Firm (36 ILD) and Ultra Firm (44 ILD)

  • Are available in 100% Pure Talalay Latex or Natural-Organic Talalay Latex

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to view USA Today's Healthy Living Edition 2013 Article featuring Habitat Furnishings as one of only five companies to consider when you are shopping for a pure latex mattress, from hundreds of opportunities...and take note, when this informative edition was published in 2013, many of the companies out there today didn't even exist. Tell you something?

Now Free basic shipping offer. The Seasons Pure Natural Latex Mattress is a two-sided quilted mattress with a two-sided removable quilted pillowtop. The pillowtop is handcrafted with a 3" layer of the purest natural latex available and covered in quilting made from 100% Organic Cotton and insulated with a special blend of PureGrow™Wool. The Season fondation is made from a 6" core of Pure Natural Latex surrounded by our quilting made from 100% Organic Cotton and insulated with a special blend of PureGrow™Wool. An incredibly supple latex mattress and topper that helps relieve aches and pains in the back, hips, shoulders and neck regions. Our Pure Natural Latex hugs your every curve. It's natural elasticity and flexibility conform to your bodies curves and shapes providing relief to your joints and spine. Not too hard, not too soft. Now you can get the rest necessary to feel refreshed, rested and rejuvenated.