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My Green Mattress - Pure Echo Organic Cotton Natural Mattress (twin)


Organic Mattress Care andMaintenance:

Call us during regular hours or visit one of our showrooms and a trained organic mattress specialist will greet you. We'll listen to your comfort needs then help you decide which model is best for you. We educate. We never push. We want you to sleep well. And, that takes time. Naps, return visits, and multiple phone calls are encouraged.

"Our Organic sleep collection presents our organic futon mattress for the purest of the world. The Organic futon mattress is made with only 1 ingredient 100% certified organic cotton. This futon is rated firm. The Organic futon has only one ingredient, but it is quite possibly the greatest ingredient nature has to offer. So for the purest take on organic comfort, this futon mattress only contains USDA certified 100% organic cotton. This firm mattress is simple, comfortable and affordable. This is the basic organic mattress and has always been a hit with our customers. This futon mattress is suggested for occasional sitting and sleeping with a platform bed or convertible futon sofa bed. The Organic is ideal for occasional use in a second bed room, dorm room, home office or guest room." — TheFutonShop.

Why did you start Naturepedic Organic Mattresses?

Organic Futon Mattresses
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Ecopure Rest Chemical Free – Wool & 4″ Latex – Medium Firm
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Great post and list of organic crib mattresses.

. is a one of a kind Organic Mattress Showroom in Pennsylvania, which is the most exclusive organic mattress outlet in the United States. The store consist wide range of bedroom products such as organic mattresses, cotton and wool pillows, mattress pads, sheets, comforters, blankets, toppers, towels and many more. From twin to king, all of our organic mattresses have met the strict standards of the USDA/National Organic Program. Apart from this, we also have organic baby products. Make your bedroom enrich with organic products and feel close to the nature.

The next thing you should know before buying a mattress is about chemicals. Mattresses like those made over ten years back contain diphenyl ethers which is a chemical that is used as a flame retardant. The mattress companies could use this chemical in order to meet the required mattress retardant standards. The only disadvantage of this chemical is that it is good at hormone disruption and it lowers fertility and affects the development of the brain. Because of this, polybrominated diphenyl ethers chemical has been banned in some countries. However the problem does not end there since mattresses also emit so many chemicals which are harmful though it is not easy to identify their specific effects. This is why you should consider non chemical or organic mattress options.