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Novaform 14" Comfort Grande Queen Memory Foam Mattress with 3" Gel Memory Foam, 3" Air Channel Foam, 8" Base Layer Foam


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As shown in the chart below, owners almost universally regard their Sleep Innovations / Novaform mattress to be more firm than soft. Less than 3% of owners regard their mattress to be too soft – at least within the first several months of ownership.

Novaform mattresses are not only popular wide across for the multi-layer construction, but also for the careful selection of materials, such as foam and fabric. The foam used in these mattresses is laboratory-prepared and is regarded as one of the most comfortable foam types available now. If you have already found your favorite mattress after reading the best Novaform mattress reviews, go on to buy your favorite mattresses online. Novaform mattresses are high value-for-money products.

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    The table below evaluates Sleep Innovations / Novaform mattresses for person size and sleep position. It shows what tends to be true for owners; your personal evaluation may differ. See the for details based on your body type. And people of below- and above-average weight, see the .

    A memory foam mattress already makes use of advance technology but this Novaform mattress offers something much more improved. Its memory foam contains a gel-like substance that offers so much more support and comfort. The mattress reduces pressure points more effectively, allowing one to sleep faster and deeper or wake up feeling revitalized because of it.