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Love the Nook Pebble Crib Mattress - not only is it pretty to look at, but it has a unique air layer that fosters oxygen flow inside the mattress, is made of all-natural eucalyptus fibers, and has a unique pebbled surface that promotes air circulation.

If your precious tiny tots could rest on one of these healthy, comfy, mattresses they might snooze longer — allowing you to read the paper or watch the tube once-in-awhile. The Nook Pebble Mattress has a lot of nice features: a unique air layer that fosters oxygen flow inside the mattress, the superior softness of all-natural eucalyptus fibers, a stylish and unique pebbled surface that promotes air circulation – every detail has been designed for maximum breathe-ability, non-toxicity and crib worthiness.

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- Moisture control: A "nano-layer" on the surface of the Nook Pebble Lite Mattress keeps any and all liquids from seeping into the mattress. Liquids literally bead up on this surface and can be wiped up. This is both extremely practical and really cool to watch (check out our video).

The issue that I have with the nook pebble mattress is that those individual pebbles are filled with recycled pop bottle plastic. Eco-friendly in a way…. but I just don’t see people ripping open each individual pebble at the end of the mattress life and recycling the plastic bits. I see plastic in garbage dumps ;( A big part of eco-friendliness is end-of-life plan.