Here are some of the best natural mattresses that I found.

Epic Furnishings Au Natural 8" Loft All Cotton Filled Futon Mattress, King-size, Twill Natural Off-White Mattress Color


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Thanks for tackling that complicated subject Mamanatural! My head was spinning when I started looking at natural baby mattresses recently. What did you go with for the crib for Griffin and the new baby on the way?? Thanks!!

We ended up getting a natural latex mattress from Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company, in Seattle, WA (we live outside of it). Prices are about what you’ve quoted for other companies above. The only thing is that the firm feels somewhat soft to me, so I wish we would have gotten extra firm, but it’s still a super comfy mattress. (And no, I am in no way associated with them, but just wanted to share another possible company.)

MORGONGÅVA Natural latex mattress - Twin - IKEA

Organic Natural Mattress
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Actual cut out of the top
organic mattress layer
All pillow tops are completely removable.
Freshen your mattress by hanging them
outside in direct sunlight.
Natural Sense 100% Natural Latex Core
(Holes don't go all the way through)
The core component of our organic mattress is Natural Sense brand certified 100% natural latex foam, foam made from the sap of the rubber tree. We use layers of different hardness Natural Sense to create personalized comfort. Natural Sense latex properly supports and contours to your body, reducing pressure points and increasing circulation. This helps to eliminate back pain. The softer the layers and the heavier the customer, the thicker the mattress needs to be to prevent bottoming out. Inversely, the firmer the mattress the thinner it can be without bottoming out or affecting the comfort. Natural Sense is naturally resistant to dust mites, bacteria, mildew, and mold. Raw Natural Sense latex has naturally occurring flaws that include small tears, air pockets, patches, and changing surface textures.

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Busy mom- dont have time to watch video or read comments but I live in Portland Oregon and this company: sold me my completely 100% natural latex mattress with Og cotton cover for 1100 I believe. You need a dr’s note to say you are exempt from flame retardants but it’s easy.

There are no extra layers inside my natural latex mattress – while the latex will last 20-30 years, if you put wool inside it will compress and become uncomfortable, so you will need to be able to access it so it can be changed every few years. Instead of putting the wool inside the mattress cover, I just bought a thick piece of ethical wool (from Kelley Green in Ashland OR) and put it on top of the mattress, under the fitted sheet. You can buy an ethical wool mattress protector, but buying just a piece of thick wool fabric is much cheaper – just make sure it is big enough to hang down the sides and tuck under a little bit so it doesn’t move around. Since my wool is not incorporated into my mattress I can air it out and wash it. Bed bugs don’t like to live in natural latex, but a few could live in the wool inside your mattress if you can’t ever clean it. (Kelley Green Wool Felt )