Organic innerspring crib mattress. Firm feel is great for babies.

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen


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Even patients who suffer from joint aches and Arthritis feel better and are greatly relieved of their problems if they sleep on these mattresses. This is because these mattresses provide a perfect support to the backs and legs of these people. As in the case of many new products, these mattresses were very expensive when they were first introduced. But, now, many companies are manufacturing them and so, they are available at affordable costs.

For too many businesses, prioritizing the bottom line has come at the cost of our planet’s health and well-being. Wanting to take a more mindful track, Nolah donates seven percent of its profits to protecting animal wildlife, their precious natural habitats and the environment overall. For every single Nolah mattress sold, the company adopts an imperilled American wildlife animal through its partnership with Defenders of Wildlife—a national non-profit wildlife charity. With its “One Nolah Sold Equals One Wildlife Adopted” pledge, Nolah is proud to be the undisputed leader in “Conscious Consumerism” within the online mattress industry. With this program, buyers can choose from more than 20 endangered animals like bald eagles, snowy owls and dolphins, and are then sent an official wildlife adoption certificate as proof that their contribution helped protect American wildlife.

“It’s so much better than my old mattress.”

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While other companies may donate a percentage of their profits to charity, Nolah embraces this principle. The company takes things a step further, providing a unique opportunity for their customers to personally support our planet’s well-being by “voting their values” with their wallet. Nolah has made promoting environmental health a bedrock principle of the company’s guiding philosophy. It’s a glowing example of a business finding innovative and meaningful ways to intertwine business goals with positive social change. Other ways Nolah protects the environment and supports causes is the fact that mattresses are shipped in eco-friendly boxes that reduce shipping volume and vehicle emissions in kind, and also that all returned mattresses are donated to local charities or recycled through local state programs.

It was NASA that designed these mattresses during the 1970. In fact, NASA was researching the effects of gravitational forces when they stumbled upon this concept of "memory foam". But, they did not imagine that this concept would improve our sleep. It was only later that the health benefits of these mattresses were found out. But, in the initial stages, this foam lacked durability and was very brittle. It was a Swedish firm that surmounted these difficulties by using a spongy, gel-like plastic. This plastic seems to possess a tendency to return to its original form even if it gets deformed due to pressure. This is the history of the . Now, these mattresses have become so popular that more and more people are opting for them.