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I wrote about the , but that was really focused on sleeping, not sex. People asked me about the best mattress for sex after foam mattresses became more popular – which can end up being really bad for sex (though good for sleeping).

And hey, pick carefully — most mattresses will last up to five years, and we hope you get a lot of extracurricular mileage out of them. Here’s what experts and customers have to say about the best mattresses for sex:

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If you’re looking at a foam mattress, latex is generally the way to go to get bounce (memory foam tends to be much slower to respond). Nest Bedding is one of my favorite mattress brands in general, and delivered a good medium-priced option with The Love Bed. My covers the other pros and cons of the mattress besides sex.

Now that you know what to look for to find a great mattress for sexual activity, how do the three major types (latex, memory foam, and innerspring) stack up? Let’s go through them here.