Checking price prior to purchasing mattress retainer bar bracket ?

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Mattress retainer bars are well-known in the art and include bars having an upright mattress retaining portion that engages the foot of the mattress to prevent the mattress from sliding off the mattress support. The mattress retainer bar typically has a pair of U-shaped end portions that are roughly perpendicular to the mattress retaining portion and that are used to secure the mattress retaining bar to the mattress support. Typically, either a consumer or a technician is tasked with attaching the mattress retainer bar to the mattress support. In many cases, an attachment kit for attaching a mattress retainer bar to a mattress support can include as many as 16 pieces or more including, for example, bolts, retainers, flat washers, and cupped washers.

A typical mattress retainer bar installation includes installing a cupped washer, a spacer and a flat washer on a mattress retainer bolt and loosely installing the mattress retainer bolt into a tapped hole in the foot panel of the mattress support. This process is repeated for each of four mattress retainer bolts such that there are two bolts associated with each U-shaped end portion of the mattress retainer bar. Each U-shaped end portion is then positioned around the mattress retainer bolts and the retainer bar end portions are positioned between the spacer and the washer associated with each bolt. The bolts are then tightened to secure the mattress retainer bar in place. This installation process requires the consumer or technician to use a screwdriver and can take an unnecessary amount of time. Additionally, the mattress retainer bar attachment kits provide the consumer or technician with 16 or more pieces of hardware to potentially misplace during assembly.

ErgoMotion Mattress Retainer Bar Starting at $35.00

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  • Mattress retainer bar is for use with ErgoMotion Adjustable bases

    Embodiments of the present invention relate to a mattress retainer bar attachment system that includes attachment blocks secured to the mattress support and configured so that a mattress retainer bar can be attached by a consumer or technician without the use of tools and without the necessity of providing a mattress retainer bar attachment kit. In an embodiment, the system includes a set of attachment blocks that are attached to the mattress support before shipping to the consumer. The system also includes a mattress retainer bar that is configured to slide over the mattress retainer blocks such that the mattress retainer bar can be removably affixed to the mattress support without the use of tools or additional hardware.

    Further embodiments of the present invention provide an adjustable bed having mattress retainer bar attachment blocks that locate and secure a mattress retainer bar on the mattress support. The attachment blocks include a throughway that acts as a guide, support, and anchor for the free end of a U-shaped end portion of a mattress retainer bar. The attachment blocks further include a stop surface configured to prevent the curved portion of the U-shaped end portion from sliding forward any further, thereby securely fastening the mattress retainer bar against the outward pressure of the mattress.