How to Move a Mattress When Moving to a New House

CRESNEL QUEEN Size Extra Thick 4-Mil Heavy Duty Mattress Bag - Fits Standard, Extra-Long, Pillow-top variation - Durability guarantee for moving and long term storage


King/Queen Mattress Moving Box Tutorial

The mattresses have received a very warm welcome with most buyers rating the mattress a 5-star product. A customer left this review for the mattress alongside a 5-star rating; 'It's so soft and cool, summer is going to be so nice with a mattress that doesn't heat up, it does makes you feel quite comfortable, when my Fiancé gets into bed I don't feel him until he is right next to me. It's amazing for people who wake up in the middle of the night to go get water etc., you won't wake your partner up. By far the Best Buy of 2017. Initially, we were going to try purple and another couple bought purple before we did and we waited on their reviews, they freaking hated it and are going to return it right away, they came over and tried Layla and totally loved it.' Similarly, another customer said 'This bed is exactly what my back has been craving! Our previous mattress was sagging and creating pressure points that hurt my hips and spine. The Layla mattress supports every curve instead of fighting it, and my back feels properly aligned now. We are currently using the "soft" side and love it so much we haven't tried the other side yet. The foam is excellent at absorbing any movement so I no longer get woken up by my partner's tossing and turning. Additionally, there is no noise whatsoever from the mattress moving when sitting or getting up from it. I've noticed I don't oversleep as much as I used to, possibly from a more restful sleep? Delivery/unboxing was a breeze and SO much easier than traditional mattress moving. I highly recommend this mattress!'

Each coil is pocketed individually, which prevents the whole mattress from moving when one person tosses and turns. "Any mattress featuring an individual pocketed coil will provide motion separation, allowing for both partners to achieve a quality night of sleep," says Kansagra.

Bedsledzzz Hotel Mattress Mover

*Click Here For More Details* King Size Plastic Mattress Bag for moving or storage of your mattress King Size Plastic Mattress Bag for moving or storage of your mattress This package includes one King Size 76" X 15" X 90" plastic bag (2 mil. thick) to store your mattress. Nothing is worse than storing your mattress in a dirty place or moving your mattress and finding out that it has become nasty and dirty. Protect your mattress investment! King sets have split box springs or foundations so if you want to protect them, also order a twin size mattress bag pack which includes 2 mattress bags for your foundation. These mattress bags are open on one end so you can install your mattress easily, and factory sealed on the opposite end. there are tiny air holes ever so often, cut into the mattress plastic bag to let moisture out. You will need duct tape, sealing tape or some other means to secure the ends. This is designed for a mattress up to about 14" thick, thicker than most. Here is a mattress moving tip that you may not see elsewhere. When you sleep, quite a bit of moisture exhales through your skin. Some of this moisture gets trapped in your mattress and slowly evaporates during the day. It is actually more healthy to not make your bed until late afternoon. Point being, if you wake up in the morning and encase your mattress in a mattress plastic bag to move and leave it for a few days, you are trapping moisture. A better plan is to give your mattress a few hours to air out before you pack it for moving. 95% of these ship out in out in 1 to 3 business days plus transit time. *Click Here For More Details*

Twin Mattress Moving Box Tutorial

The protective polythene mattress covers are ideal for protecting your mattresses while moving house, against short or long term storage or simply for added protection whilst redecorating your bedroom.

Mattress Mover makes moving a mattress easy. It is a simple strap that slings under the mattress and loops over each end, putting temporary handles where they are needed, allowing two people to pick up the mattress and move around with it effortlessly, even thru doors.