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A mattress is a large pad for supporting the reclining body, ..

Mattress materials differ depending on not just the type of mattress but on the placement in the mattress. A modern mattress will consist of three layers of materials: the core or support layer, the comfort layer and the quilt layer. Each layer is made of different materials.

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    The stewardship laws have prompted for-profit companies such as Blue Marble Materials and Crystal Materials to get into the business, but a recent review of the California program revealed that our facilities may be the most effective at keeping materials out of landfills. The statewide mattress-recycling rate is 75 percent, meaning that 75 percent of mattress materials diverted by the state’s official recyclers stayed out of the waste stream in 2016. Our two California facilities—among the 11 nonprofit and for-profit operations contracted to provide recycling under the stewardship law—had a 90 percent diversion rate.

    But while Aireloom and other manufacturers still rely on fundamental mattress materials, the industry is starting to adopt new technologies that are bringing sleep into the 21st century. Watch for built-in sensors in the next couple of years that, combined with apps and processors, make mattresses “smart” to ensure a better night’s sleep.