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The Frame - Gold Brushed Steel Frame, 14 Inch Height Platform Metal Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation, no Boxspring needed, Wooden Slat Support, Queen Size


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Quality wise every mattress Keetsa has on offer is fantastic. I would argue though that they are marketed to a sect that has both money and a love of conservationism. A cursory glance over their building materials will tell you that overall the mattress are all very Eco-Friendly, and they are making new and better mattress materials every day. The price is the real sticking point though.

The Keetsa Cloud is the firmer of the two foam based mattresses from Keetsa. The make up is nearly identical though. The base is a little thicker at seven and a half inches, the Biofoam middle is a mere one and a half inches and the quilted Biofoam topper is the same size. The bed is great for people who like to sleep on there back, and while it does well for side sleepers, I would have liked a little extra foam. I’ve never been a fan of firmer mattresses thoguh. You’ll find the price of this mattress to be a little lower than the Tea Leaf Supreme.

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The Keetsa Mattress- Is It A Good Fit For You?

I was wary of buying a mattress from Keetsa at first.

Due to a complaint from a friend, which was similar to many others on Yelp: there was a very noticeable dent where her and her husband slept. They had their Pillow Plus mattress for less than a year at that point, so I checked it out myself and immediately wrote off Keetsa mattresses. Yikes.

But, after visiting every other mattress store where costs were hundreds of dollars over Keetsa prices, my boyfriend and I ended up checking the store out for ourselves, and I'm glad we did.

The Shopping Experience: As everyone says -- very relaxed, no pressure.
We went in on a day when the store was empty, and had a good amount of time on each mattress.

The Mattresses: There is a pretty noticeable quality difference between some of their beds. That Pillow Plus mattress (coil/pillow top) I mentioned before seemed drastically lower in quality than its next of kin, the Keetsa Cloud (memory foam). Like, big time difference.

Their solid memory foam beds seem nice and durable, but they're too soft for me, so moving on.

We ended up on the Tea Leaf Classic, a memory foam topped coil mattress that has been super comfortable for the 6+ months we've been sleeping on it.

-Very comfortable. It's like a firm foam mattress, molding to your body slightly, but it does not allow you to cave in. Has no signs of dents or sinkage of any kind.
-Very affordable. Similar feeling mattresses at Macy's, Sleep Train, etc. were at least $300 more during a big sale.

-Our queens size mattress is very HEAVY and FLEXIBLE. It is extremely difficult to move anywhere other than rotating it on the frame. In addition to that, there are no handles on the mattress so if you need to move, hire movers or something cause this thing is a pain.

General Keetsa stuff:
-They offer a stain guard/protection plan... I think its around $60 and I suggest you talk to them about it.
-Purchasing in-store is cheaper than ordering online. If you're looking for a way around the no delivery option, you might want to just borrow a car for this one.
-Keetsa gives away nice/simple sleep masks that are seriously better than ones I've (sadly) paid $30 for so, yeah. That's pretty okay.

Conclusion: Some mattresses appear to be better than others. I would definitely recommend the Tea Leaf Classic, it's the most comfortable bed I've ever had. Let's hope it stays that way!

The Tea Leaf Supreme is the more expensive of the two foam mattresses Keetsa offer. It is a combination of two foam layers, with the topmost layer split again in two. At base we have eight inches of high density support foam. On top of that is three inches of Biofoam, essentially Memory foam made with both petroleum and castor bean oil. It has all the same properties as memory foam. The final Biofoam layer is quilted for extra comfort. The cover is made from a hemp-blend, which is very sustainable, though not as durable as cotton nor as porous. Overall the mattress does its job well.