It requires effort and venture to pick the right mattress joiner.

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This isn't your ordinary "t foam" joiner. Made with a soft poly sheepskin pad that's washable and non-allergenic, it also comes with an adjustable belt that snaps to the pad and wraps around the mattresses for a secure fit that prevents the mattresses from separating. Turn your ordinary twin beds into a luxurious king with a durable Create-A-King™ mattress joiner! One size fits all.

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Create A King Bed Doubling System - Comfort House

There is no need to panic when trying to arrange for extra sleeping space for friends and family members that come to visit. Choosing a mattress for overnight company to sleep on is as simple as pushing two twin beds together. This is a quick, inexpensive way to make a comfortable king size bed from mattresses that you already own. A mattress joiner converts twin beds without having to purchase or rent a larger bed. It takes the guesswork out of answering the dilemma of what is the best mattress for your guests when they visit.

If you are having trouble choosing a mattress joiner that is inexpensive and easy to install, look for a foam bridge connector. The bridge is a lightweight strip that comfortably converts twin beds into a king bed. It is made from hypo-allergenic foam that is placed over the seam where the two mattresses meet. The underside of the strip has a lip, or wedge, which fills in the gap between the mattresses.