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SonoSteam and SEMI STAAL initiated their work on the mattress disinfection system in 2014. SonoSteam delivered the steam-ultrasound technology and chamber construction designs and SEMI STAAL completed the product and development of the equipment shortly thereafter. The mattress disinfection system is now used in a Danish hospital.

is, without a doubt, my favorite cleaning agent. cuts grease and removes stains and (believe it or not) odors. I heavily dilute it to clean my kitchen floors. I disinfected my son’s bottle sanitizer with vinegar once a week. I clean my refrigerator as well as my mirrors with a 50-50 mix of vinegar and water. I pour half a cup in when I wash my bath towels (in hot water) for extra softness. I mix it with a bit of rubbing alcohol and a few drops of tea tree and lavender essential oils and spray it on my mattress to disinfect. I use vinegar for so many things, I can’t even list them all here! And its power is absolutely unstoppable when mixed with baking soda.

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The hospital mattress disinfection project was performed in cooperation with SEMI STAAL. SEMI-STAAL is one of the European market leaders and pioneers in industrial cleaning and logistic handling systems for returnable packaging. Industrial solutions cover semi- to fully automatic systems for crates, tubs, bins and pallets with a capacity range from low to high speed solutions.

Mattress disinfection is easy and convenient in use. The automatic disinfection lowers the risk of staff becoming ill or carriers of pathogens to patients in and outside environment, because they are no longer involved in manually cleaning the surface of mattresses.