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Continental Sleep Hollywood Collection Orthopedic Fully Assembled Mattress and Box Spring Set - Ample Support for Your Back - Premium 357 Coil Innerspring - Full


Sears orthopedic queen mattress and box spring

Put your mattress and box spring in separate to protect them against dust, dirt, stains, water, and damage while they’re in transit or storage.

A healthy sleeper moves anywhere from 40 to 60 times per night, including about a dozen full body turns. It is important to choose a size that will allow sufficient freedom of movement while you sleep. Our mattresses and box springs are available in the following standard sizes. We can also manufacture custom size mattresses and box springs to meet your needs.

How To Choose A Mattress And Box Spring

  • Continental Sleep Mattress Fully Assembled Orthopedic Queen Size Mattress and Box Spring
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    The box spring was so universally used up until recently that the term “box spring” won’t die, even though the technology virtually has. Like “hanging up” the phone, the term has survived even though it is no longer relevant in the literal sense. Although a small minority of companies still produce or refurbish legitimate box springs, mattress and bed technology has largely evolved past the need for them. Most foam, latex, and no-flip innerspring mattresses are now designed with an all-inclusive design that requires only a stable, flat surface beneath it. This can be a foundation, a platform bed, or even the floor! Box springs were designed as part of a team, to work with two-sided inner spring mattress to provide a firm, bottom layer of springs that would work and move with the softer, more responsive springs of the mattress. But modern mattress combine a firm, supportive core with a softer, conforming top layer to achieve the same effect in a single, contained unit. This has made mattresses thicker, and also eliminated the need to flip them since they are built differently from the bottom up than the top down. It has also eliminated the purpose of a separate box spring unit, being replaced by a foundation or platform bed design which usually uses wooden slats directly beneath the mattress. The primary function of a foundation, which is essentially a solid box of wood with metal supports, is to mimic the size and shape of a box spring without the actual springs. The purpose of this it to retain the height of a bed-box spring-mattress setup instead of just using a bed-mattress setup that will likely be significantly lower to the floor. Replace the old mattress and box spring with a new mattress and foundation for a comparable height.

    Enjoying a good night’s sleep depends on several factors including comfort, room temperature, posture, and support, but far too often people ignore the foundation and first building block of a relaxing slumber — the mattress. To make your work easier, we came up with a comprehensive list of the top 10 queen size mattresses and box springs as rated by customers to guide you on your search for the best queen size mattress and box spring. So delve in as these few paragraphs will change the way you sleep and by value change your life for good.