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Nikken Kenko Naturest Magnetic Mattress Topper - Twin


Magnetic underlay, magnetic mattress topper

Magnetic Mattress Toppers – Quilted Cotton – in 4 standard UK sizes from MagneHealth. Incorporating from 210 evenly and strategically placed magnets (in a Single size) to 528 (in a Superking Size) to provide continuous therapy and natural pain relief, whilst you sleep. Sleeping with magnets offers natural, non-invasive, long lasting and effective pain relief for a number of conditions, including Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, insomnia, backache, joint pain and poor circulation.

Comfortable and effective – made of washable Quilted Cotton with North facing 1000 Gauss Strontium ferrite magnets, MagneHealth Quilted Cotton Magnetic Mattress Toppers offer both comfort and natural pain relief.

Travel Magnetic Mattress Topper

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Therion Travel Magnetic Mattress Topper | Magnetic Sleep/Comfort

Simple to use – just “fit and forget” – all MagneHealth Magnetic Mattress Toppers have elastic corner straps to fasten to your mattress. Once in place, position your bottom sheet over the top. An additional mattress protector can be fitted if you so wish; it will not interfere with the magnets.

Nikken Kenko magnetic mattress topper (Anyone knowing about Nikken knows about the benefits of this topper)after you try this with the hundreds of tiny magnets Japanese mattress topper for back problems, the Japanese have the longest lifespan for good reasons.
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