Drive Medical Med Aire Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System with Alternating Pressure, Dark Purple, 8"


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This Low Air Loss Mattress systemis delivered and kept at an even pressure with a 12 LPM pump that can work as either a static or alternating pressure device. Though the pump can deliver high amounts of pressure, it is also quiet enough for the patient not to notice during the night - promoting patient recovery and comfort. To make sure airflow is properly delivered, the tubing is spring lined to prevent kinks. And in case of emergency, a CPR emergency valve will quickly release the air from the mattress.

Third, low air loss mattresses are very easy to clean. You can clean the hose and the bed with a damp cloth and any type of mild soap. When cleaning the bed, clean the cells as well as the mattress itself. Allow for it to air dry before using it. Air drying usually takes a few hours, depending on the temperature of your home.

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True Low Air Loss Hospital Air Mattress with Raised Edges
This true low air loss hospital mattress is designed to heal up to stage four pressure sores. It operates using a blower based air pump that quickly inflates and effective manages moisture. This advanced low air system is commonly used in hospitals, but is excellent for home use. The mattress has a built in raised edges that protects the patient from falling or entrapment. Ideal for quads, or patients that cannot move or transfer on their own.

The 500 lb weight capacity can easily support the majority of patients. The cover is low shear, easy to clean and full encases the air cells. The pump is user friendly and easy to use. Auto firm and seat inflation feature makes it easy to transfer in and out of the bed.

5 Year warranty

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Sometimes doctors recommend low air loss mattresses for the continuing care of a patient who is confined to his home. If this recommendation was made, you may have some questions about how to use and care for a low air mattress. First, low air mattresses are not expensive. You can find one at a very reasonable price. Most major retailers carry them. Second, air loss mattresses are easy to use. You pump them full of air, just like any other air mattress. It may take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes to fill the mattress completely. The cells inside of the air mattress can hold the air for 24 hours in case there is a power failure.

Our air mattresses for bed sores utilize 100-150 liters of air per minute to maintain the normal temperature and moisture levels of the skin without drying it out. This method of treatment is highly preferred over any other kind of treatment for skin issues related to being bed ridden. Our pressure relieving mattresses are perfect for both hospital, nursing home, and home care. Order one of the most powerful blower low air loss mattresses in the industry from PHC Online!