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LINENSPA Premium Mattress Protector - 100% Waterproof - Hypoallergenic - 10 Year Warranty - Vinyl Free - Twin / White


Linenspa Premium Mattress Protector - 100% Waterproof?

Protect your mattress and your sleep with the LINENSPA Encasement Mattress Protector. Designed with a zippered end to completely surround your mattress, this protector deters bed bugs, dust mites and allergens from reaching your mattress. A waterproof polyurethane layer blocks fluids and spills to preserve your mattress and its warranty, which may be voided by stains.

The Linenspa cover has similar features and equal coverage for a lower price. However, the cleaning instructions on this cover are very specific. If you don’t clean the cover in the manner listed, the warranty is void. If you are willing to launder it as directed then, the Linenspa mattress protector gives you more for your money.

LinenSpa Premium Mattress Protector Review

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LinenSpa Convoluted Gel Foam Mattress Topper - Size: California King

The LINENSPA Encasement Mattress Protector completely surrounds your mattress and zips closed to form a reliable barrier against fluids, spills, bed bugs, dust mites and allergens. Lightweight fabric backed by a thin waterproof barrier guards the top, sides and bottom of your mattress.

SafeRest and Linenspa mattress protectors are both thin, lightweight and – most importantly – waterproof and hypoallergenic. They have a lot of in common, but each protector has its own details that help set it apart. Read on for my full review. Key Similarities Fitted sheet style (protection on five sides) Waterproof and Hypoallergenic surface …