How To Easily Lift Your Mattress

Contour Products Mattress Genie Bed Wedge, King


This fucking thing is so fucking huge and awkward

Considering the amount of unused space under the average bed, it's no surprise that that's one of the most popular places to store things. But who wants to crawl around on all fours and deal with all the dust that collects there? These bed lift mechanisms solve both problems. With a single hand, anyone can lift the mattress platform to reveal vast amounts of storage, all fully visible, easily accessible and shielded from the dust that would otherwise collect on your items. A pair of gas pistons provide lift for easy opening, and dampen the closing for safety. The simple two-piece design makes installation easy.

"Can one average-sized woman lift this mattress for storage, or is it so heavy that a second person would be needed? Also, can it stay up if you're not holding it?"

Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge Lift - Sears

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    "Can one average-sized woman lift this mattress for storage, or is it so heavy that a second person would be needed? Also, can it stay up if you're not holding it?"

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      Hello ringotheartist, one person should be able to lift this without assistance depending on the size of the person, this is able to stay open without holding it. Have a good day!

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      I had a CA King with a Tempurpedic mattress (which tend to be heavier than conventional). It was do-able to lift, but definitely harder in the winter when the bed had a heavier comforter on it. Getting it started is the hard part, but there are straps secured to the mattress platform. There were never any difficulties getting it to stay open.

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    I was apprehensive to be making such a pricey purchase, site unseen, but I am extremely happy. The bed is SOLID and has a high quality look and feel. The headboard is HEAVY. Make sure you have someone that can help maneuver big boxes with you that can also help put it together. The instructions do not call out the correct letters for screw/washer/lock washer/nut combos ... but you'll figure it out by placing all the same sized hardware together and labeling them first. My kit had the correct quantity called out in the list but the instructions seemed to think there should have been an extra set of lock washers (they aren't necessary). The storage area bottom surface is made out of a press board. I have the Cal King so I have to reach for the things stored way near the head board and not go stepping in the storage area except right along the center support. This means you really don't want to store anything super heavy in there unless you stick it in the middle. The storage is only a few inches high (like the height of a she box will fit in there easily but nothing much taller than that). I have my winter boot boxes in there and I have made good use of the vacuum space bags to store extra blankets, pillows, sweat shirts etc. The center has 3 upright posts now and not a single like the pictures showed. I have one of those solid memory foam mattresses on there; I am 5'3" and can still manage to lift the mattress with all the bedding on there to access the storage. You'll love this bed!

    The mattress is laid down on a platform, usually made of springs, which is attached to a mechanism, which you can use to lift the mattress and access your storage area. If you are concerned about the small room, know that the ottoman bed can be opened from any side of the bed you choose. Any side you want to purchase will be available to you.