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Lifekind Certified Organic Natural Rubber Oval Bassinet Mattress (23 X 29 X 2.5 Inches) - Fits Stokke Sleepi Mini


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Some companies don’t use PBDEs at all, though. IKEA finished phasing out all PBDEs in its products in 2002 — and hasn’t used PBDEs in its children’s mattresses for at least 15 years. Other companies that make PBDE-free mattresses include European Sleep Works in Berkeley, McRoskey of San Francisco and Lifekind mattresses. You can get a completely chemical-free wool, natural latex or cotton-wool mattress from the Natural Bedroom in Santa Rosa.

Sorry if this question has already arisen (couldn't find it on the forum).... but has anyone had any experience with Lifekind mattresses? I'm looking for an earth-friendly latex mattress with minimal offgassing, and they seem quite good. However, their mattresses are quite expensive and I'm open to a similar alternative. In particular, I was looking at the Duet, which is flippable.

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Lifekind's flannel organic mattress pad is made from U.S-grown certified organic cotton in our very own GOTS-certified Eco-Factory™, located in Yuba City, CA. It's the same facility in which we make our mattresses, where everything from thread to finished product is third-party certified. It doesn’t get any purer than that! Our high standards for purity, quality, and integrity are just as stringent in the production of our organic mattress pads as they are in our mattresses. We believe that Lifekind organic mattress pads deserve no less.

After doing a lot of research, I decided to purchase three Lifekind mattresses. I have asthma and severe allergies so even though a $5700.00 mattress was a stretch for my budget, I felt I needed to do it. I live in Hawaii and was really excited to see that the mattress was mold/mildew resistance . Well... Not so much . The entire mattress cover became completely covered in mildew spores !! When I contacted Lifekind they told me I could buy another mattress at a discount? Huh It clearly states it mold/mildew resistant.
They do not stand by their product .

So disappointed :(