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Thanks for the great post, Sarah. I have a coil ensemble that is coming to the end of its life (past it, probably) and also thought of a natural latex mattress. However, I had one years ago, and found it too hard. I think it probably wasn’t as good as the new ones. Certainly not snuggly.

On recycling – the Assistant from the shop where I bought my ensemble bought my latex mattress and bed from me for her guest bedroom, which was great. And the bed before that was bought by the delivery guy who delivered my latex bed. Lifeline, etc also will come and collect beds that are still in good condition (and any other furniture you may have). Some people simply cannot afford new stuff, and rely heavily on donated goods…

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  • Latexeco top mattresses
  • Use Dunlop, Talalay, or both in a Savvy Rest latex mattress.

    our sentiments exactly too when we made the decision to replace our old inner spring mattress with a locally made (Adelaide) natural latex mattress! The only drawback is that they are incredibly heavy! Also, now that we’ve had it 4 or so years, & I’ve pushed out a few babies, I’m finding it too firm. Any suggestions on how to alleviate this Sarah? We were considering a woollen mattress topper or a foam topper.

    It seems you ve done a fair bit of research and reading about your perfectionism this choice cannot have been a light one.
    Have you considered Zentai latex mattresses (manufactured in Australia), in your research? If so, any comments?