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The all-natural latex mattress simulates the same experience as memory foam, contouring to your body and helping reduce back pressure. These mattresses respond instantly to your body’s position, allowing you to easily change positions in the night. The result is a good night’s rest and a longer-lasting mattress.

The best materials found in latex mattresses are that of Dunlop and Talalay latex. The Dunlop process entails whipping rubber sap into a froth, pouring it into a mold, and then baking it. The natural materials found in rubber often settle to the bottom, resulting in latex layers being heavier on the bottom. The Talalay process adds two steps to Dunlop. After the latex is poured into a mold, the material is put in a vacuum chamber and flash-frozen before baking. The result is a latex more consistent in structure and more expensive.

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Top Mattress: Talalay Latex (smaller holes)
Bottom Mattress: Dunlop Latex Mattress (bigger holes)

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When picking a latex mattress, the design of the mattress is typically the same for any bed. Each layer is designed with holes throughout to encourage air circulation, heat reduction and moisture removal. However, the more comfortable and desirable mattresses are typically those with three or more layers of latex foam. This allows you to create varying levels of foam density for higher levels of comfort and support.

Latex Mattresses dynamically conform to your body with a firmer feel than memory foam to support different areas of the body. The zoning in latex makes this possible.