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Epic Furnishings Au Natural 8" Loft All Cotton Filled Futon Mattress, King-size, Twill Natural Off-White Mattress Color


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This king size futon mattress made out of cotton in natural color will guarantee you a perfect relax or good night's sleep. Folds easily, so it complements well the A futon frames. Will suit your budget and personal preference.

My question was simple, even if i would have flipped mattress after 15th day, the fungus/mold would have been there and my apartment or bed is not so damp or without air ventilation that within first 15 days the fungus or mold grew on king futon mattress, if it was so then why it didn't grew on ANY of other mattresses or items in my apartment in last 5 years? On same note, do note that King futon is a warehouse!!!

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    Looking for a king size futon mattress and this had good reviews.

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