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To see what makes innerspring and memory foam mattresses different, you need to understand what each mattress is made of. These two types of beds use different materials to support sleepers, and as a result, both innerspring and memory foam beds each have unique strengths and weaknesses.

Consumer reviews are another helpful way to compare innerspring and memory foam mattresses. Several sources of reviews can be found online from retailer websites and independent review websites, as well as on forums and social media. Look for unmoderated or third-party verified reviews rather than “testimonials” which are often hand-selected by the seller. Mattress reviews can help you identify trends, for example you might take note if a high proportion of people report the same problem or the same benefit. While individual comfort preferences will vary, information in reviews can offer helpful insight when trying to compare mattress types and different brands.

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  • Hybrid Sleep Innerspring and Memory Foam Mattress
  • Innerspring mattresses provide durable steel support

    While the mattress construction of innerspring and memory foam mattresses vary, here are the specific mattress construction details of our(innerspring) and (memory foam) mattresses:

    Innerspring and memory foam mattresses are the most popular beds on the market, and each have strengths and weaknesses to consider, as well as brands that perform above and below “average” ratings. Overall, memory foam mattresses tend to earn better reviews and ratings than innerspring mattresses in similar price ranges. This is largely due to fewer reports of issues like pressure points and motion transfer, and slightly longer lifespans. However, every person has a different idea of what makes a mattress comfortable, so no single mattress type is going to best for everyone. Even some of the highest rated mattress brands still only satisfy about 85-90% of customers, which means thorough research and good return policies are important when buying a new mattress. If you are unsure which type would be right for you, read a variety of reviews online and check out several brands of both innerspring and memory foam mattresses to see which best fits your sleep needs.